Translation of Huawei CEO’s Parting Words to Honor, 2020.11.25

One, why must we split with Honor

Under waves and waves of harsh sanctions the US placed on Huawei, we finally understand, some politicians in America were not trying to correct our course, but trying to kill us. This period of short-term difficulties for Huawei, we can overcome. But we cannot drag innocent people down with us. If our partners and retailers in 170 different countries suffer with us, millions of people will lose their jobs. Our suppliers will accumulate inventory because we cannot buy their products, their sales will decrease, and drag down the stock market. They did nothing wrong. We have the ability to make some sacrifices, make you suffer with them and keep their sources of income flowing. But you are not the saviors of the world, and you need to have a proper, religiously devoted attitude toward our customers, loyally protect the interests of our customers, and sincerely keep our promises to our suppliers. The spirit of the contract is your is your key to success. Honor is in manufacturing, low and mid level products, after the split Honor will quickly resume manufacturing and solve the issues of finding partnerships, under the leadership of of Zhixin Company.

Two, how to do this properly

First, you need to resume the source of water (metaphor for supply). If there is no source of water, the grass will dry, and then it will be hard to revive it. Water, water, water, why China’s Dai minority chants this, is because the source of water will save lives.

Three, become Huawei's biggest competitor, surpass Huawei, even chant "defeat Huawei" to encourage yourselves.

Continue to improve yourselves and fight to continue in the generally correct direction. Make sure organizations are full of life, employees have strong will and desire to succeed. Be firm in opposing corruption on the inside. Oppose all embezzlement and theft.



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Lily Chang

Lily Chang


Just an Chinese student studying in the US who likes cats and dislikes ignorance in myself and others. I write and translate stuff about China.